Hi, welcome to Wandrscents!

What we believe

We believe perfume is an extension of a person's self. At Wandrscents, we put an emphasis on you, making sure each individual feels empowered and confident in themselves through the power of smell. We push you to be the best you, the true through our products, our community, and the platform we have built around it. 

Per•fume/noun: a fragrant liquid typically made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices, used to impart a pleasant smell to one's body or clothes

What we make

At Wandrscents we make perfumes for people. Our perfumes are some of the most accessible and fair perfumes available.

For example with us you can have:
No pink tax
No perfume salesperson
No retail markups
Super simple online selection
Direct customer input
• Fun unboxing
No animal testing
Free returns on all orders

How we do it

Our mission and goal is to make smelling great accessible to everyone. We've done this by using a direct-to-consumer business model. This allows us to use the same ingredients high end designers without much overhead. What comes from this are our high quality perfumes at a much more accessible price. Because everyone deserves to smell luxurious.


“Your happiness brings us happiness.”

We've always loved fragrance and have bought more than we'd like to admit, but we always disliked the experience. It's either a salesperson forcing a perfume onto you in person OR a really bland boring experience shopping online. That's when we began digging deep and realized that many others have this exact same problem. We took initiative and transformed perfume shopping online by crafting the best perfumes and blending them with the best shopping and unboxing experience one could want. Meanwhile we even realized that with our direct-to-consumer business model we could pass on savings from not having to pay a retailer to YOU the customer all while maintaining high quality. Ultimately we want you to be the happiest, because your happiness brings us happiness.

A Quick Summary


Transparent Pricing

We charge no retail markup because of our direct-to-consumer business model. We charge a single price for all perfumes no matter who or what gender, unlike traditional brands.


Easy & Fun Shopping Experience

We make perfume shopping fun. From our website to the unboxing experience, you'll be smiling ear to ear. 


Directly to Your Door

Buy online with shipping straight to your door. Not your scent? Return your unused 50ml bottle after trying the 2ml sample.