What your perfume says about you...

What your perfume says about you...

Your perfume says a lot, this is what yours says about you...

We all have one or two perfumes that we wear. Maybe one is for going out and the other for work? Maybe you have only one perfume that you swear by. Well whichever it is, it can say A LOT about you and your personality. Now that you ask "What does my perfume say about me?" here it is:

1. COCO MADEMOISELLE by Chanel: If this is your perfume of choice you wear a classic, you play it safe, and you might wear this pretty much everywhere.

2. Dior Sauvage by Dior: This cologne is the anthem choice for younger men. With its heavy use of Johnny Depp in the advertising, it's easy to see why so many guys are persuaded to choose it. However that comes at the cost of smelling unoriginal.

3. Black Opium by YSL: You're SWEET. You're probably bubbly but might come off as mysterious.

4. Creed Aventus by Creed: You definitely have some extra cash to splash if you're wearing Creed Aventus. You like exotic things. It's often considered the king of niche fragrances.

5. Evening Sun by Wandrscents: You're ambiguous and define life on your own terms. You like to be unique and have people craving for more. Wandrscents perfumes never define you, you define the perfume!

Of course these are ultimately just our opinions. But you can truly find out a bit about someone from the perfume or fragrance they wear. Let us know what you wear and how you feel! 

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